An Unstructured Approach to Doubling Your Money

Michael Robinson

Friday, August 04, 2023

The mental state of America's IT professionals can be summed up in two words:

Choice overload.

This term perfectly describes a state in which you have so many options, it becomes impossible to make a choice — i.e., you're overloaded.

As it happens, this state also relates to a trend I've been discussing for months. I'm referring to Artificial Intelligence ("AI").

You see, we're taking a savvy, measured approach to investing in AI. But Wall Street isn't. It's hyping the field with a flurry of stories and reports that, frankly, are leaving a lot of investors confused.

Even high-level tech executives are puzzled. They're being besieged with tech offerings touting dozens of new or upcoming AI platforms and packages. Things have gotten so crazy, The Wall Street Journal ran a story recently with the headline "Companies are Drowning in Too Much AI."

Choice overload, anyone?

But don't worry. I'm here to simplify matters, as well as unveil one of my favorite ways to play this trend.

A Messy Situation

Much of the blame for the recent AI onslaught goes to ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot with seemingly endless potential.

According to the Chief Information Officer ("CIO") of Equinix, a landlord for data centers, his company had roughly two dozen firms show interest in AI-related products once ChatGPT hit the mainstream.

Mortgage company Rocket Mortgage has seen the impact of AI, too. Its CIO has been pitched some sort of AI product or service in every vendor and partner meeting so far this year.

The thing is, many of these AI offerings are half-baked. IT firms are under pressure to jump on the AI bandwagon. So they're pushing AI products out the door prematurely, often without complete features, safeguards, or security measures in place.

Simply put, the landscape is messy right now. There's a lot of noise surrounding AI.

But I've found a company whose strength and focus is cutting through this noise...

Unstructured Data is Key

This company offers a unique platform for managing, storing, and accessing corporate data. And this platform is perfect for new AI algorithms such as ChatGPT.

Unlike competing databases, this company's platform operates on "unstructured" data. In other words, it takes whatever you put into it — PDFs, audio recordings, videos, scanned documents, etc. — and stores and analyzes it as-is.

Legacy databases, in contrast, convert everything to some template that inevitably loses some detail or information in the process.

Notably, the unstructured nature of the platform makes it ideal for AI integration. Documents can be analyzed in their original form as soon as they're uploaded. And it keeps all data in its original format, enabling whatever AI software a client uses to work its magic without interference or errors that can be introduced when data is "structured."

Furthermore, this database is faster and more flexible. That's crucial when companies want to integrate AI into their systems, as AI must parse through huge amounts of data quickly.

This company also offers tools to customize AI applications to clients' specific needs. And no matter where a company operates or which cloud provider it uses, this firm's database supports it out of the box.

Simply put, whatever AI offering a client chooses, this company's platform is the basis for making it all work.

Double Your Money in Three Years?

To understand how admired this technology is, consider this: Half of all the Fortune 100's highest-revenue companies in the U.S. use this technology. So do 19 of the 20 largest banks in America.

But there's still growth ahead, with business from existing clients continuing to grow, even as new clients are coming in the door.

Company sales have been growing more than 40% a year. And much of that money has gone into new growth.

In the quarter ending in April, this company announced per-share earnings of $0.56, a 211% increase over the $0.18 that Wall Street expected.

Revenues also came in above expectations, and the firm is now expected to close the year with per-share profits gaining 92%.

Even at per-share profits of just one-third that figure, we'd still see earnings — and presumably stock prices — double in less than three years.

That means now is the ideal time to get in on this company.

Only my "Pro" readers will learn all the details. So make sure you're one of them!



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