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Lou Basenese

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

For decades, we walked through life with slow and steady technology progress.

But then BOOM — the pace of innovation went hyperbolic.

As consumers, it seems impossible to keep up: social media, voice-activated devices, Slack.

But as investors, it’s even worse: staying on top of new technologies can mean the difference between making millions or losing your shirt. It can mean betting on “winners” like Netflix, instead of “losers” like Blockbuster.

Thankfully, a foolproof indicator exists to predict the next massive tech trend. And today, I’ll show you how to use it to earn huge returns.

Adoption Curve for New Trends

To show you how quickly new technologies take hold these days, check out this chart.

As you can see from the yellow line on the left, it took electricity about fifty years to penetrate the entire market. Color TV (the purple line) was a bit quicker, at about forty years.

But adoption curves today have accelerated dramatically…

For example, penetration for computers (in light blue) took just fifteen years. And smartphones (at the far right) took closer to five years!

As an investor, you might be tempted to stick your head in the sand and ignore new trends.

But that would be risky…

Get Disruptive… or Get Disrupted

As an investor, the difference between life-changing profits and massive losses ­hinges on staying ahead of technology changes.

As I mentioned earlier, being aware of new technologies like streaming video meant betting on “winners” like Netflix, instead of “losers” like Blockbuster…

Or as smartphone use went from zero to 1 billion, it meant betting on Apple instead of Motorola.

The thing is, as tech innovation continues to accelerate, the frequency of industries (and investors) getting disrupted will only increase.

So unless you can afford to lose a fortune as each new wave of innovation sweeps the market, you need to stay ahead of these changes.

But how? Easy.

The Patented Way to Profit

You see, a simple indicator exists to predict the next massive tech trend:


Unlike an SEC filing or an official corporate document, patents fully reveal a company’s roadmap for new products and innovation.

Essentially, patents are tangible proof of a company’s technological leadership.

So if you can find multiple companies filing hundreds of patents involving the same type of technology… bingo: you’ve likely uncovered the next major disruptive technology.

For almost two decades, this is one of the key strategies I’ve used to identify major investment opportunities.

And it’s led me and my subscribers to lightning-fast gains in new technologies from biometric authentication to 3D printing, and from mobile payments to artificial intelligence.

Profit from Being in the Know

Maybe you don’t have the time or resources to monitor patent filings.

No problem. Here are two alternatives for you:

First, you can sign up for my premium research service, Micro-Cap Advantage, so I can do all the heavy lifting for you. As current subscribers can attest, the results have been very strong.

For example, in the last six months alone, I uncovered two new, patent-protected technologies that have each delivered 200%+ gains so far.

Or second, you can tune in next week…

That’s when I’m going to share a simple way for you to “future-proof” your portfolio — and profit handsomely from the next big tech innovations.

Ahead of the tape,
Lou Basenese

Ahead of the tape,