The Only "No Brainer" Stocks Right Now

Lou Basenese

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Pandemic be damned!

The nation is busy hunkering down…

But two very successful investors are loading up on a specific sector.

Let me share the details with you…

Then I’ll explain the simple reason you should be following their lead.

Don’t Miss This Buy Signal

It’s pretty scary out there…

As Wayne shared last week, the markets are still bracing for a deeper crash.

Meanwhile, daily deaths in the U.S. have topped 1,000, and will likely hit 2,000 per day before peaking.

This explain why the government is throwing billions of dollars at finding a cure, and trillions into economic stimulus efforts. It doesn’t have a choice — it has to allocate these funds.

But investors do have a choice: they can invest… or they can just wait it out on the sidelines.

So when two very successful investors announced they were jumping in, I took notice…

“The Most Connected People in Biopharma”

The investors I’m referring to are the ARCH group, and Flagship Pioneering.

Both of them specialize in biotech investments.

Endpoints News, a biotech industry publisher, calls the executives behind these two funds “the most connected people in biopharma R&D.”

Previously, their firms funded major deals including:

  • Illumina (ILMN), the $40 billion DNA sequencing company.
  • Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY), the $11 billion RNA interference pioneer.
  • And Juno Therapeutics, the cell therapy company acquired by Celgene for $10.4 billion.

And now they’re back at it…

$2.5 Billion Pointed at Biotech Stocks

You see, last week, these two firms raised massive new funds:

ARCH raised $1.46 billion. And Flagship raised $1.1 billion.

Bob Nelsen, the co-founder of ARCH, doesn’t typically announce these fundraisings…

But this time, he wanted to send a signal. As he said, “People needed to know that there was money out there and a lot of it and people were going to invest.”

Pandemic be damned: it’s time to fund innovation — and make some money!

A Paradigm Shift

It’s a similar story at Flagship…

Flagship CEO Noubar Afeyan notes that, in some countries, just 2.5% of healthcare spending goes toward prevention and detection. But Covid-19 is creating a paradigm shift.

As he puts it, “We think… attention [on prevention] will be dramatically higher post-pandemic.”

That’s why Afeyan will be investing up to several hundred million dollars into companies with technologies that can help prevent diseases like Covid-19.

Furthermore, these two biotech superstars aren’t alone. A new survey by Procensus of 159 institutional investors reveals that 40% have started buying stocks where they “see value”…

And at the top of that list is a certain sector:

Biotech and life sciences.

To Profit Tomorrow, Invest in Vaccines Today

And this is precisely where you should be focusing your attention, too:

You should be investing right now in biotech companies developing promising vaccines, and developing ways to prevent disease outright.

In the fight against the coronavirus, only anti-viral drugs and vaccines can provide true long-term immunity and protection.

Ultimately, those will be the most valuable breakthroughs — and in turn, the most valuable investments.

Don’t miss out!

Ahead of the tape,
Louis Basenese

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Ahead of the tape,