The Pentagon Is Investing Heavily into This Technology — Now It's Your Turn

Michael Robinson

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

In America, we like big things — big cars, big houses, big meals, etc.

We take pride in being the biggest and the baddest nation. But there's a problem...

When it comes to military strength, the U.S. doesn't hold the top spot. In fact, America has about two million enlisted military members. China, meanwhile, has nearly four million.

Being outnumbered against a threat like this might not give you comfort. But the good news is that we're investing in ways to level the playing field...

And the result could be your ticket to significant profits.

Make One Soldier Seem Like Ten

How can we give our military members an advantage on the battlefield when they're outnumbered? Simple: make each soldier seem like ten...

In other words, multiply their abilities — so each one has the power of several soldiers. This is known as a "force multiplier" effect.

This idea is what the Pentagon is focused on. In fact, it's set to adopt an advanced platform I refer to as a "force multiplier display system," or FMDS.

The FMDS I'm referring to is essentially an advanced augmented reality ("AR") headset. Soldiers will don these headsets and instantly be transformed into advanced fighting machines. Here's how...

A Life-Saver for Those on the Front Lines

This system can help soldiers see through smoke and other visual contaminants. They can even tap into on-board vehicle sensors to see what the vehicle sees as it travels. Furthermore, this system can provide soldiers with more accurate location information and advanced communications, even during combat situations.

This system will be essential to those tasked with advancing or defending on the front lines, where the majority of military casualties take place. Since World War II, this area has accounted for 90% of combat deaths.

FMDS is part of the Pentagon's "vision" to provide the ultimate force multiplier across its Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps.

And it's the latest step in using advanced technology to match (and eventually surpass) China's military might.

Not Just for Soldiers

Last month, the U.S. Army began testing an upgraded FMDS platform. And by the end of this decade, we could see more than 100,000 FMDS devices in the field.

Keep in mind that we're only talking about a single military application for this type of technology. But make no mistake: AR is having a major impact in civilian life, too.

In this area, you might be more familiar with the technology as "smart" glasses or virtual headsets.

In 2018, luxury-car brand Porsche began using AR glasses to help its technicians complete repairs more quickly. And logistics companies like DHL use an AR platform called Vision Picking. As its name suggests, workers wear smart glasses to locate packages, faster and with greater accuracy.

The rise of this technology explains why Future Market Insights says the AR market will grow at more than 18% a year through 2032. By then, it'll be worth more than $544 billion.

That's a lot of potential profits waiting for those who make the right investment.

Speaking of which…

How to Play This Trend

To get into this market, you might look toward some of the bigger players — Apple (AAPL), for instance, which recently announced its new Vision Pro virtual-reality headset.

Others might consider investing in Meta (META), which has had an AR/VR gaming headset on the market for years.

As for me, I've found a better way to play the AR trend. And it takes us back to the military FMDS I mentioned earlier.

You see, the Pentagon recently turned to a specific company to supply the next-generation headset I told you about. In fact, this company recently signed a roughly $20 billion contract to deliver 120,000 FMDS headsets over the next three years.

Its stock is already up 35% this year. And helping America's military become the "biggest" fighting force on the planet could take its stock even higher.

I've saved the details of this pick for my "Pro" members, so make sure you're one of them.



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