This 'Moonshot' Technology is Up 450%

Michael Robinson

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

A monumental change is coming to the home defense and law enforcement sectors.

No, it has nothing to do with a new series of handguns or high-powered rifles. Quite the opposite, in fact...

You see, this change relates to a whole new level of stopping power with what are known as stun guns. Some industry analysts are calling this a "moonshot" in non-lethal defense, especially for police departments.

More broadly, these guns are a glimpse into the future of defense technology – a slew of non-lethal tools that include advanced body cameras and the latest in cloud technology.

But this future is coming soon. In fact, the federal government is fully on board, paving the way for jurisdictions across America to start spending on these resources.

Today, I want to tell you about a company behind this push toward the future and show you why its profit potential is too good to pass up.

'Obsolete the Bullet'

The company I'm focused on has a lofty goal: reduce firearm deaths related to police interactions with the public by half in just 10 years.

Given that in 2021, those types of interactions led to more than 1,100 gun-related deaths, it's a tall order. But it can be done.

Already, this company is aiming to "obsolete the bullet" by massively improving the capabilities of stun guns.

The leading stun gun on the market is the Taser, currently on its seventh iteration. While popular, it has several drawbacks that have made its effectiveness in reducing deaths less than ideal.

For one, its range is just 12 feet. That's not very far, especially when it comes to dangerous situations where a police officer must act quickly.

For another, the Taser 7 carries only four electrical probes, the parts that shoot out and attach to a target and then pass electrical current between them. Since two probes must be attached to a target for the Taser to work, and because the Taser shoots two probes at a time, a user has just two tries to land an effective shot.

But the company I have in mind just shook up the space when it announced the Taser 10. This new model has a range of 45 feet, shoots one probe at a time, and can shoot up to 10 of them before having to be reloaded.

This gives users a big increase in their accuracy and ability to stop someone. At the same time, the Taser 10 has a lowered voltage in its pulse, making sure only enough is given to stop the target, not cause serious harm. It also comes with a suite of blinding lights and loud speakers to warn, scare, or subdue attackers.

Simply put, this is a huge leap forward in the non-lethal defense sector. And one company is responsible for it...

The Company Behind the Taser

The company I'm referring to is the maker of the Taser, as well as a suite of other advanced policing technology. This includes body cameras, police coordination systems, and more.

Right now, this company provides Tasers to police departments via a subscription model. It makes up to $249 per officer per month for its premium package, which comes with a Taser, body cam, and the accompanying software.

This company hasn't announced pricing for its Taser 10, but given how big of a leap forward it is, I'm sure it will be able to set a good price with high profit margins...

Especially as the company provides Tasers in packages with other very appealing products.

Its cloud software, for example, is a huge boon to police departments. This cloud platform automatically logs every time devices are used. All video and usage information can then be reviewed by supervisors without having to worry about the specific devices being damaged or tampered with.

Supervisors can also view body cam and dash cam footage in real time, along with every officer's location. This enables them to coordinate a response, manage tactics, and even spot potential dangers.

Body cams have already reduced complaints against police officers that use the devices by 88% and cut the use of force by police by 42%.

Meanwhile, the footage recorded has increased guilty pleas by 20% while reducing how much time officers must spend in court testifying by 70%.

The Government is All In

As I mentioned, the federal government is going all in on this technology. In December, the Federal Risk Authorization Management Program's Joint Authorization Board gave the company I'm recommending its highest security rating for its cloud software.

This means the company's federal agency of customers, including U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Justice, can now store the most sensitive information they have on this company's cloud. This includes case details, witness reports, evidence, footage, and more.

And keep in mind: Where the federal government goes, state and local agencies tend to follow, especially as these agencies face calls for more accountability and budget cuts.

Priced at around $190 a share, this company's stock trades at 100 times next year's earnings. That may be a bit pricey for some investors, but this goes to show you how to spot big trends and find stocks that can hand you outsized gains by digging below the headlines and finding key metrics for success.

In the case of this company, even by cutting its long-term earnings growth in half, we'd still see earnings double in a little more than two years.

That bodes well for this company's stock, which is already up more than 450% over the past five years!

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