Using AI to Cure Cancer Could Double Your Money

Michael Robinson

Friday, June 30, 2023

My friend Bill recently received some devastating news.

He has pancreatic cancer. And the illness is so advanced, it's spread to other parts of his body.

Bill's doctor advised him to get his affairs in order. And he's since ended up in hospice. My heart aches for Bill as he fights for a few final days. But I try and remember that he's in his eighties and has lived a rich, fulfilling life.

Bill's story was on my mind as I wrote this for you — not only because he's a dear friend of mine, but also because companies are working on treatments for people just like him.

These treatments could end up saving lives...

And open the door for investors like us to earn a windfall of profits. Let me explain...

Cancer Doesn't Discriminate

Cancer can impact anyone, no matter their age, demographic, or socioeconomic status.

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly two million people were diagnosed with cancer last year. And more than 600,000 died from it — roughly 1,600 every single day.

The economic costs are massive, too. By 2030, they're expected to reach $246 billion, a 34% increase from 2015.

While cancer treatments have improved greatly, there's still no effective way to prevent the disease, although we’re advised to avoid excessive sunlight to reduce the chances of skin cancer, or limit smoking to reduce the chances of lung cancer.

But that may be about to change. You see, one biotech company is pioneering a new way to deal with cancer by eliminating it at the start.

As you'll learn, this company is working on a bona fide cancer vaccine — considered by some to be the Holy Grail of medicine. Let me tell you more about it.

AI's Role in Cancer Prevention

A cancer vaccine may sound farfetched. But it could soon become a reality. It would have a huge impact.

According to Precedence Research, the cancer-drug market will reach $272 billion by 2030. And notably, Artificial Intelligence ("AI") is set to play a starring role in this innovative biotech field.

The company on my radar is a leader in this field. And it recently forged a deal with IBM (IBM) that will give it access to advanced AI and quantum computing that can assist in vaccine research.

Coming up with a blockbuster cancer vaccine could make the partnership priceless. For its part, AI is lending a hand in dealing with the hyper-complex task of understanding how genetic structure, proteins, enzymes, and more play a role in finding and treating cancer.

This underscores what I've said time and again: AI will have a massive impact on just about every segment of the economy.

The Secret Behind this Company's Vaccine

The IBM deal comes on the heels of data released last December that showed that patients who received the biotech firm's cancer vaccine had a 44% lower chance of their cancer coming back vs. those who received the standard treatment.

That's an eye-opening improvement. So it's no wonder that the FDA gave this new cancer vaccine "breakthrough" status, ensuring it gets priority review.

What makes this vaccine so effective?

Other vaccines have tried to attack cancer but come up short. This vaccine, in contrast, uses state-of-the-art technology to tailor the treatment to each patient's tumor.

While we often group cancers based on the organs in which they develop, cancerous tumors are as unique as the people who suffer from them. After all, cancer starts with the patient's own distinctive DNA and mutates from there.

Since they have their own DNAs, tumors develop different ways of hiding from the body's immune system...

But that also means there are various ways to target these tumors.

Treatment Gets Personal

This new cancer vaccine targets the unique DNA of each tumor, identifying the tumor as a target for the immune system. This negates the cancer's ability to hide.

This approach is part of a larger biotech trend known as personalized medicine. This is where treatment or prevention is specifically tailored to a patient, their DNA, and their medical history, as opposed to simply their underlying condition.

Personalized medicine has the potential to revolutionize the entire healthcare industry, not just cancer treatment.

But its impact on treating cancer could be used in combination with blood screening that's in development to identify the disease in its earliest stages, when the chances of survival are best.

Personalized medicine can potentially test for cancer in the prostate, neck, ovaries, lungs, and even in the brain.

Treating issues in the brain is particularly challenging. That's because any brain-related injury or illness — not just cancer, but strokes, concussions, or even feelings of depression — is unique to that individual. That means the same treatments don't always work for everyone.

Your Opportunity

The coming generation of advanced vaccines could prove to be a lifesaver.

And the company I'm recommending today cut its teeth on vaccine technology, even developing one to prevent against COVID.

With the pandemic in full retreat, the company's stock sold off earlier this year as earnings went soft. But that's merely an opportunity for us to buy at a discount.

Over the past three years, this company has grown per-share profits by an average of 135%. If we trim that figure by 75%, we'd still see its earnings (and hopefully its stock price) double in less than three years.

Bottom line: This biotech firm could be responsible for creating a vaccine that prevents one of the world's fiercest, deadliest diseases...

And its success could translate to a windfall of profits. Curious which company I'm referring to? Make sure you become a "Pro" member to see the details.

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